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Simple Ordering Process​

Just select how many cylinders you have to exchange and we will come collect your empties and replace will filled ready to use ones for your next drink


We keep you up to date on your delivery from the minute you place your order to the final text letting you know your delivery is completed!


Just like the Milkman back in the day, leave your empties out and we will change them without you having to be bothered or waiting at home.

Free Delivery Available

We offer free deliver on all orders of 3 cylinders or more, all orders with 1 or 2 cylinders will only cost $5 for delivery.

The Simplest
way to get

Get your refill delivery scheduled today!

Never have to haul those bulky cylinders around again, let us do the work and you enjoy the fizz!

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Soda Exchange is  an exchange program, bringing you refilled cartridges and exchanging them for your empties. You are paying for the CO2 refill. We deliver to your door, and exchange them on the spot​

No, you do not have to be home. We ask you that you place your empties where the driver can clearly see them, or add notes to your order telling the driver where they will be.  A small basket at your door would be ideal.

Yes, if you own extra cartridges, you will save money on delivery and never run out. You can order brand new Soda Stream cartridges directly from our website. Just click here to order.

We deliver any size of order, and are in most areas 2-3 times per week, so you are never far away from a delivery day. Orders of one two have a $5.00 delivery charge. Orders of 3 or more items come with Free Delivery.

We are a home based business and prefer to not have customers come to our home. In addition, insurance regulations do not permit it. It is more efficient if we can schedule you on our next available route in your area, usually within a 2-3 days.

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